Once a month zuviel.TV invites to a video screening in a 40 square metres kitchen of a private flat in Berlin-Mitte. About 70 people will show up from 9pm and wait for the screening to start. To make the waiting worth while, a DJ provides some aural atmosphere and cold drinks are served from a bar.
Regardless of the length of the program the videos are shown in a cinematic screening situation with all the audience gathered in the kitchen, seated and standing. This concentrated setup, framed by a lounge-like atmosphere has been successful for more than two years now.
Most of the contributions to the program are from contemporary Berlin based video artists, but international curators are invited too. Pioneers of experimental- and underground film eg. Wilhelm Hein, Ira Schneider or Willoughby Sharp have also presented their works. A small community has grown and several works have been produced exclusively for zuviel.TV.


on: einschalten or off: ausschalten


Andreas Eberlein
Torstrasse 137
10119 Berlin