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Razzle Dazzle
Hollywood Machine
6 x 7
Vice Versa


Hollywood Machine


We have developed a small voltage controlled analogue video mixer, which allows us to de- and recontextualize highly symbolic coded material. The installation utilizes commercially released movies as its visual source. Two or more parallel running movies are mixed at high speed.

The focus changes in a frequency close to stroboscopic effect: characters, landscapes and also plots are separated from their context, their story and intervene into the other movie, similar to the effect attained by high quality keying. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz meets King Kong and Humphrey
Bogart struggles with John Wayne.

The installation takes advantage of the immediate access and speed of the analogue technique, which makes the extra smooth high speed and real time mixing of scenes possible. Our device makes use of principles of voltage-controlled oscillators as used in analogue synthesizer technology. The impression cannot be achieved by digital based video mixing – only through an analogue device the spectators can be creatively confused and see re-coded movies.

The speed of transition and the amount of mixing can be controlled by music, too. In this way we use it also in our VJperformance.