Fourier-Tanzformation I+II
Razzle Dazzle
Hollywood Machine
6 x 7
Vice Versa



Live VJing

For our VJing we make use of our self-developed devices to let the music directly control the flow of video. For this purpose an audio-signal from the audio mixer is routed to our device and influences the pictures in two ways: high-speed mixing and music dependent pattern generating. The first effect (also described in the Hollywood Machine) results in rhythmically confusing interference of two movie sources.

The second effect is derived through multiplying and modulating the audio signal onto the video. Patterns and lines in rhythmic motion and transformation are embedded into the video.

Both ways of controlling video can be combined and are highly sensitive to the music input – either through direct modulation or with the help of voltage controlled oscillators. In this way the machinery can also be thought of as an analogue video synthesizer.