20th January 2005

with Henriette Müller and Chris Guse

Knut Klaßen

come to blackforest college

The 15 minutes long-lasting production created in November 2004 in Baiersbronn (Schwarzwald), performers are Henriette Müller and Chris Guse, is advertisment and invitation at the same time for the Blackforest College. The college is in the Schwarzwaldhaus (blackforesthouse) – from summer 2005 lectures are held for architects and graphic designers, artists, film directors and actors.
Aim is to point out characterizations and specialties of the participating disciplines, to describe connections and locate situations.
The work in the Blackforest College is going to be part of an educational movie.
17th February 2005

Edit: Marc Aschenbrenner

Sven Temper


24th March 2005

with Kathi Angerer

Jan Speckenbach


Vesuvius, Fuji and the cell phone as camera. Speckenbach's film is a course in writing Haikus on the Coast of Amafi. Three lined artefacts on a 132 x 162 pixel screen. The Bay of Napels. A straying dog. A quick view in the panties of Kathie. We need vacation too…

with Ariane Sept
Camera: Knut Klaßen
Support: Ralph Gabriel

Marc Aschenbrenner

im Grün

14th April 2005

Video, 43'
Berlin 2005


Stück in Privatwohnungen

Missunderstanding by Albert Camus. It is about the shortness of the way to inner peace and its difficulty to walk on it. Every existing piece of furniture, every sense of order in an apartment is the ideal performer for the play. The audience is the inhabitants of the apartments and some of their friends and neighbors. In every performance the five actors see the apartment for the first time. The film shows extracts of performances in 13 private apartments in Hamburg, in a house of asylum seeking people and one of homeless people..
27th May 2005

by Saul Judd

Video documentary, 30'
Frankfurt 2004

Sascha Pohle

German Indian

German Indian is a documentary. A portrait of an Indian by hobby, named Gerhard Fischer, from Riesa by Dresden. Since forty years he lives his hobby—since the sixties in the Ex-DDR till now.

16mm on video, 5'
Frankfurt 2002

Sunah Choi

Taichi City

In this video typical no-places are confronted with a man doing some Taichi exercises.
In this video clichéd elements from different cultures meet. Nothing seems to fit, nevertheless one suspects a hidden logic behind these absurd constellations.

Video , 11'
Frankfurt 2004

Gregor Maria Schubert

Ball of Fame

Mini-golfer are never as distinguished as the big Golfer scene, but they keep similar still very different rituals. In the center of their tactical considerations is the ball. From turbo 7 over Euro 01 to the Deutschmann 83 – only as long as the balls are round. A close intimate relationship is necessary with the balls of fame in order to do the perfect successful hit. A short movie about the passion of the mini-golfer.

René Petit

Der Traum des sanften Hackmesser

Bernd wakes up one night, he had a confused dream in which he arrives on a comet on planet earth. In the shape of a chopper he finds himself on a green meadow in front of a troubling looking villa.
Asking after the deeper meaning of this dream he gets on the phone and calls his friend Haiku. But Haiku is asleep and Bernd´s only chance to escape the inner questioning is by speaking to his friend´s answer machine.
23rd June 2005



Klaus Jörres

#3, #5

Without giving any information on an existing spatial situation, the camera shows how Jörres squeezes himself into a far too tight and uncomfortable image-space to tell us out of his camera cabinet what the importance is of making art.

Manuel Graw


Manuel Graw works with computer animation, installation and video. In Shulmantonioni he reconstructs modern, by the photographer Julius Shulman documented interiors of the case study houses and refers to Antionis Zabriskie Point: Furniture, walls and windows explode in slow-motion.
Graw, born 1978, lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Video, 4'
Berlin 2005

Jen Liu

Dawn of The Alpha Genesis

In her videos Jen Liu plays with the technical-optimistic visions by the modernist architects. Animated in an 80ies videogame-style her heroes Mies van der Rohe, Adolf Loos and Buckminster Fuller have to destroy cities.
21st July 2005

Halina Kliem


Halina Kliem

A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure

The lady in red is dancing with me
There's nobody here
It's just you and me
It's where I wanna be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I'll never forget the way you look tonight.

Halina Kliem


18th August 2005

Live Video-Performance

Safy Etiel

Giants of Rock

22nd September 2005

USA 1973-77

Willoughby Sharp

Rare Works from
Willoughby Sharp's Video Vaults

Selections from Early Video Performances

Art on Video: Five Video Pioneers
29th October 2005

TV production


Every program is a pilot.

Every program is the final episode.

The Lithuanian CAC TV is probably the world only TV channel produced by artists that shows weekly its own program in commercial TV.
We took the visit by CAT TV as occasion to show a video selection from our program by the artists Marc Aschenbrenner, Safy Etiel, Knut Klaßen, Stefan Panhans and Jan Speckenbach.
24th November 2005

Marc Aschenbrenner

Zweite Sonne

Once the machines are turned off completely, flight becomes gliding. Without the noise of the machines one can feel it again:
We have pressure on our ears.
15th December 2005

Video, 5'30''
Hamburg 2005

Stefan Panhans

Sieben bis zehn Millionen

Dear mister eberlein
As mister hoelzelchen already told me I should supply you with one of my video stills from my million-film you are going to show in your video institute on the 15th.
I am pleased it comes with this email and mister hoelzelchen thought he wanted to think of something funny-text like to go with it, something anti-thermic I guess. I like that a lot, that he suggested something like that and in case he invented something already and he already came up with some …em words.! , he should please send them to me that I might have a look and we could discuss it further. Where is he actually? …- he said he is going to fly to Bonn, what does he want there?

Loving greetings from the remote Hamburgensien, mister fox.

Video trilogy, 15'
USA 2000-01

Kora Jünger & Synne Bull


From NTSC to PAL, from Thanks Giving to Christmas, from Hamburg to the bay of San Francisco. ESL by Synne Bull and Kora Jünger guides in three episodes from the inside of a turkey along to a jet fighter show by the US navy to the just opened new IKEA shop in San Francisco.
Daily absurdity like an adventure with the HERZBLATT*-helicopter: Inside yellow handbags, outside blue! ESL is English as a Second Language.

*single-finds-single television pre-evening show in Germany, the lucky couple wins a trip with the helicopter